EECS 12 Syllabus

Course Information Course Outcomes
  • EECS 12: Introduction to Programming
  • Instructor: Mark E. Phair. (mphair [-at-]
  • Lecture: [15305] MW 9-11:50 ECT 123
  • Instruction: June 26th - July 31 2006 (Summer Session I)
  • Final: August 2nd 2006
  • Website:
Students will be able to:
  • Express data of multiple types (numbers, strings, lists) in Python syntax.
  • Write expressions and functions as Python statements.
  • Use control flow constructs to combine multiple statements into a larger subprogram.
  • Test and debug programs with I/O constructs.
Grading Late/Missed Assignment/Quiz/Test Policy
Programming Assignments30%
Late assignments will be accepted at a penalty of 20% compounded daily; an assignment that would have been 5/10 will be 4/10 if one day late, 3.2 if two days late, 2.56 if three days late, etc. Missed quizzes may not be made up. Missed exams may be made up under only very exceptional circumstances; if you are going to miss, please notify the instructor as soon as is possible.
Attendance "Policy" Add Drop Policy
Pop quizzes will be given in lecture.
  • Last day to enroll: July 7
  • Last day to drop: July 21
Academic Honesty
Cheating will not be tolerated and will be punished to the fullest possible extent. Talking to your peers about concepts is encouraged. You MUST NOT, however, look at someone else's program or allow them to look at yours. Please see